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Original Designs

Chameleon Fine Lighting is often asked to create new custom lighting from original designs, or based on items either from our antique or signature line.  We work with some of the most prominent architects and hospitality/contract firms in the world, including the Rockwell Group, Wilson Associates, and Alexandra Champalimaud.  We also continue to work with some of America’s top residential designers, such as Barry Dixon and Associates, Holmes Newman and Partners, Mcmillen, Inc, and numerous others in helping their clients realize highly specific visions that can only be achieved by customization.  CLICK HERE  to see some examples of these projects.

Chameleon Fine Lighting works in a full range of materials, including cast brass, iron, wrought iron, sheet metal, aluminum, molded and hand blown glass, cut crystal, rock crystal, alabaster and other natural stone.  This range   enables us to be able to provide clients multiple options on how to achieve their particular vision, and to choose the materials suitable in terms of scale and affordability.   We are fully UL listed and can work with UL on special projects which fall outside general coverage.  We also have full time CAD design personnel, critical to insuring that vision and reality match for both client and manufacturer.

Chameleon has a fully equipped, state of the art factory in Long Island City, New York, with highly experienced technicians able to execute a wide range of designs.  We also have partnerships with highly skilled factories in Europe and the Far East which we can use depending on the scale of the job and materials used.  We are happy to discuss any and all proposals regardless of size or complexity.  We will always try to help you achieve the particular vision you are aiming for, be it elaborate, or a simple modification of a current design, and will discuss quantities large and small.

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